Welcome to Lost Wing, a music blog owned by Megumi and Tsuki. We mostly do music reviews, but you’ll see other things here once in awhile.

General Updates:

2014/09/16: I haven’t really been writing reviews much lately as you can probably tell :p. Pretty much I got sucked into TERA for the last two years or so. If you’re weird like me and enjoy collecting little tiny graphics of your favourite Jmusic artists, you can check out Rockin’ Nippon. I was mostly here to do cleanup and upgrading WordPress xD. I do have my own blog where I’ve been doing non-music reviews once in awhile, but the install files got messed up, so I’ll post a link to it when it’s fixed. – Meg

2012/11/09: Just a note that my friends and I made a new group review blog at Sexy Little Things. Check it out! I was thinking of double-posting reviews, but I might do track-by-track here, and then post an overall review over there if I’m doing music reviews. I’m planning on doing non-music stuff there as well! Keep in touch, xoxo. – Meg

2012/07/02: Playing around with themes for the next little bit. Excuse the mess xD. Graphics are temporary for now! New non-BENI-Lovebox theme next! – Meg.

2012/06/22: Cleaning up old links and stuff x.x; Eek. Should work on a new theme too. This BENI theme is outdated haha. Alsooo, I don’t actually delete any old affiliates — I just put them on private, so if you decide to update again after I long time, I’ll put you back up :P. I still have everyone’s links :P. – Meg

2011/09/26: Still around, but we’re both extreme procrastinators these days XD. To paraphrase Tsuki: “I start reviews, but I end up getting distracted by things… like laundry XD”. Aww yeah, laundry. My excuse is laundry and too much Vindictus. – Meg